Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Continuation of the Barrel Saga- Thanks to Tim Dykema
The story of ownership after Al Enos until its tranfer to the Historical Society
Tim Writes:
"Re: 382 Center Street
"I am not certain of the complete line of ownership after Al Enos…but I do know that Barker Brokerage (I believe Dave Barker the developer who also had been involved with the former Mi-Ro golf course property, etc) owned it at some point. In 1997 it was transferred to a Marion Moore. I am not certain if she then sold it or if through death or family transaction or what? but in 2002 the Anderson’s became listed as the owners. My understanding was they had been tinkering around with the rundown home on the back corner of the property with the intention of living in it.
"I (as Wiseacre, LLC) purchased the property from the Anderson’s in 2005. Many of the staves had rotted to a point that they had released from the lower retaining band and things were progressively getting worse. There was also the run down remains of the structure which was attached to the barrel serving as a home to a number of well as the single family home in a non-habitable condition on the opposite back corner of the lot.
"I originally had thought about rehabbing the barrel myself and perhaps putting it to commercial use but given the extensive deterioration decided against it.
"In 2011 I had a cottage in Saugatuck but was living half way across the country, only spending summers in Michigan. In an effort to clean up the property and reduce liability created by the crumbling structures and frequent trespassing, I made plans to have all the structures removed.
"In 2011, a day or so before that work was to commence, Dottie Lyon contacted me and asked if I would hold off on the demolition to see if a plan could be made to save the barrel. I said as long as the SDHS or some other group was willing to take on the project I was all for it. After some paperwork to deal with liability, ownership of the barrel and the responsibility for it’s dis-assembly and removal from the site was transferred.
"That is pretty much all I can add to your history of the barrel.
"There were a small number of papers and evidence of the former hot dog business, mini golf, etc. which were left for the SDHS, but I believe they already had much better versions of everything including pictures, etc. While I owned it people also told me about how movies used to be shown…I think projected onto a sheet or something?? can’t really remember, but you guys may have that info.
"I have followed the progress of the barrel and look forward to seeing it on the corner of Center and Ferry. I think the steel base pieces being created by the school are fantastic! That was definitely a weak point of the old design. Will they also be using steel framing for the 2nd floor/midpoint anchor or will that be traditionally framed with wood. No biggy if you don’t have the answers, I’m sure I’ll see it all soon enough. Good luck with the finishing touches."
Thanks so much for sharing this Tim!

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