Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Car Hop Remembers-- 1967

Working at the barrel was my first job and I was 13, which probably wasn't legal. I don't know what the working age was.  My dad had the drug store and I worked there even before I started working for him. I was a car hop. I remember the frosted mugs and the foot long hot dogs. The cars would pull in and I'd take the trays out and put them on the window and I remember working with Marcia Tucker. George and Joanne Gallases owned it when I worked there. 

I remember it was all gravel and I was glad I didn't have to do it on roller skates because balancing was not my strongpoint. People would stop on the way back from the beach and the competition was the Redwood…I believe it was already open (now the Waypoint). It was owned by Cathy and Joe Hanacek.  If I remember correctly, the big difference (at least to me)  between the Redwood Drive Inn and  Barrel was that the Redwood had hamburgers, (really good, by the way) , but we had those famous foot long hotdogs.  

I think the year I was there was 1967, since I know I was 13 in the summer but my birthday is late in the year. I'm so happy that you are doing this, whenever I go by it brings back such good memories for me.

I read that the historical society was going to try to restore the Barrel, which is totally awesome.  I would love to be part of that restoration and re/opening should that ever happen. 

Thanks for keeping the memories alive.  -   Leslie (Christenson) Such, Jan 15, 2011

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