Friday, January 21, 2011

I Managed The Barrel - 1966 and 1967- Marcia A. Tucker

I worked at the barrel for two summers, 1966 and 1967. I managed the barrel for George and Joanne, and I got the job because I knew them for previous years. My brothers worked for George at the driving range, Nicki and I used to play together as youngsters, I took dance schools. When I was in college, I worked there the summers of 66 and 67 for college money. We had young girls, 14 year olds, as car hops. 

I don't think we opened up until 11 o'clock in the morning. The grill was in the back where we cooked hamburgers. As the manager I had to get the condiments ready for the hot dogs and the hamburgers. We had a big chest freezer that had the mugs in it for the root beer. Opening up was like at any restaurant, getting things ready so that when the customers got there you were ready to go. I'm trying to think if we made our own hamburger patties or how they came. I know that George and I would go into Holland and pick up the bread products from a bread company in Holland. The root beer was delivered, but I don't know the company name. We must have had some kind of a steamer to cook the foot longs. There was a grill for hamburgers and we had a French fryer for the French fries. That basically was it, it was hot dogs, regular-sized, foot-longs, hamburgers, French fries, root beer was the main beverage, but I think there was another one or two. That was all that we served.

The mugs were kept in a chest freezer, I think we only had one, that held the mugs, and when we served them we had a dish washing area where we had to then wash them and put them back in the freezer. The root beer in the frosted mugs and the foot-longs were the main attractions.

I'm glad that someone is thinking of doing something with the barrel. I've always thought that the historical society or someone should do something with it.

Marcia A. Tucker

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